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Round HDPE Pipes

Round HDPE Pipes
Round HDPE Pipes
Product Code : HDP 1
Product Description

Round HDPE Pipes:

In third generation (high density PE80 and PE100) ESCR is improved by branching only the long chains, thereby not decreasing the density (maintaining stiffness / creep resistance). Short chain branches inserted on the longer molecules ensure an efficient increase of the resistance to stress cracking in the long term, while creep resistance is maintained through high density (no branches on short chains that crystallize easily).

Property of HDPE Pipes

Surface feel                                                                                                  Waxy

Usual colour                                                                                 Black

Sound when dropped                                                                Clatter

Combustibility                                                                             Bright flame : Drops continue to burn    

                                                                                                       while falling

Odour of smoke after flame is extinguished                          Like candles

Nail test impression                                                                    Impression possible

Floats on water                                                                           Yes

Notch sensitivity                                                                         No

Method of permanent joining                                                  Fusion

Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion mm/m0C                         0.15 to 0.2

Thermal conductivity kcal/mh0C                                              0.36 to 0.438

Specific heat kcal/mh0C                                                              0.42

Density kg/m³                                                                                940.0 to 958.4 (Base Density)

Tensile strength at 200C MPa                                                   20-26

Modules of elasticity at 200C MPa                                           900 to 1200


PE Classification ISO 4427 - 2007(E).







PE 100

In the early 1990s, a new type of PE material was developed in Europe with higher hoop strength giving rise to the PE100 classification. These materials are sometimes termed bimodal or 3rd generation because of the two stage polymerization process used to produce them. PE100 materials produce stronger pipes which are used for higher pressure operation in gas and water distribution systems.

A design engineer may wish to apply a greater safety factor depending on operating conditions and environmental considerations.

If you are looking for rugged dependability, light weight, long lasting service, trouble-free installation, flexibility, superior flow rates, high chemical resistance and extremely high corrosion resistances without compromising on efficiency, Jain PE piping systems are the perfect solution.


If you want to know about this piping system, please contact us and we will gladly answer any of your questions.



Applications of Jain PE pipes


Liquid                                      Gas                                         Solid                                            Other


Water Supply                             Gas Piping                                            Dredging                                  Electrical Conduits


Drainage & Sewers                 Land-fill Gas Extractions                       Mining                                    Telecom Cable Ducts


Industrial Liquids,                      Ventilation                                                                                                    Manholes



Marine Works, Sea Water Intake                                                                                                                      Culverts

and Outfall                                                                                                                                                      Geothermal Heating

                                                                                                                                                                              Perforated Pipes


For over twenty-five years we have manufactured plastic pipes for a wide range of industrial, commercial and residential applications. Some of the more popular applications of our PE pipes include Gas pipes, Water mains, Sewers, Drainage and Cable duct.



Colour Coding for PE pipes


Sr. No.                       Colour                                            Application                                              References


1.            Black with blue stripes or Blue                  Water Supply                                                 IS 4984

2.            Black                                                     Sewer/ Drainage/ Effluent                                    IS 14333

3.            Gray                                                      Treated Effluent                                                 General Practice

4.            Black with Red stripes                        Fire Fighting Water                                           General Practice

5.            Yellow, Orange or Black                    Natural Gas Distribution                                       IS 14885


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